Promising new treatments with clinical trials.

Clinical trials are research studies that seek to improve diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of cancers. During a clinical trial, a new treatment is tested and studied to see how well it works, or a new indication is sought for a treatment that is already available. Some clinical trials are conducted to gather information in the real-world setting, following volunteers that receive standard of care/routine treatment that their physician can order for them through their normal prescription process looking to see outcomes. Tower Health is committed to continued cancer treatment research and offers only the most promising treatment, prevention, and risk assessment studies to our patients and community. 

All clinical research that takes place at Tower Health is reviewed and approved by our Institutional Review Board (IRB). The IRB's purpose is to ensure patient rights and safety. Federal regulations, state law, and hospital policy guide the decisions of the IRB. 

Participating in a clinical trial is voluntary. Talk to your oncologist about whether you are eligible to participate in a clinical trial.

We also conduct observational studies and collaborate with Thomas Jefferson and Johns Hopkins University on clinical trials, bringing you large university trials right here in your own backyard.