Limb deformities can affect children of all ages. In some cases, kids are born with limb problems, such as legs with different lengths. Other issues, such as bow legs, may develop as the child grows. Traumatic accidents can also cause limb deformities.

Many limb deformities need some kind of surgery with treatment. Our experienced orthopedic surgeons will work together to find a solution that helps relieve pain and keeps your child living a healthy, active life.

Expertise in pediatric limb deformities.

You'll find one of the most experienced orthopedic teams in the region. We help make sure your child receives personalized treatment that fits their unique needs.

Comprehensive Pediatric Limb Conditions Care

Our team treats all kinds of limb deformities, including:

  • Limb length discrepancies
  • Bowleg deformity
  • Knock knees

Whether your child needs a standard treatment or more advanced therapy, St. Christopher’s Hospital for Children has access to a wide range of diagnostic tools and treatments.

For certain deformities, we may use growth plate manipulation. This treatment uses metal plates or screws that are attached to the limb. This can help guide the way the bone grows, which fixes the deformity.

If your child has a limb that's longer or shorter than the other, we have orthopedic surgeons who specialize in limb length surgery.  

Our team also has access to 3D computer modeling. This is also sometimes called stereotactic imaging. These tools help us accurately plan treatment and correct problems with the limbs.