Ellie Pedraza

Ellie Pedraza

Ellie was admitted to Reading Hospital in January 2022 with severe COIVD-19 pneumonia. She had numerous medical complications, including pericardial effusion and cardiogenic shock, requiring a prolonged ICU stay and critical illness myopathy.

After spending 39 days in the hospital, she was admitted to Reading Hospital Rehabilitation at Wyomissing (RHRW). At the time of admission, she was profoundly weak and unable to raise her arms, even to feed herself. She was dependent level for all care and required the use of a mechanical lift to transfer from the bed to the chair. She had significant bilateral foot drop and proximal hip weakness, which affected her ability to walk safely.

Ellie participated in therapy and worked very hard to progress to her prior level of function. After a rigorous inpatient rehabilitation program, Ellie was discharged home. She is now able to ambulate several hundred feet and can independently care for herself once again.

Ellie said:

"I am a COVID survivor. I really do not remember much, but I do know that I wouldn't be here, and I wouldn't be walking without the stupendous efforts and support given to me by the medical staff at Reading Hospital and Reading Hospital Rehabilitation at Wyomissing. I have experienced tenderness and care beyond professional health care. It's one thing to treat the body and another to treat the spirit. They helped me recuperate from life threatening conditions and brought me hope."

"It's not easy to survive the cascading effects due to COVID, but it's reassuring to know that you have a dedicated team of doctors, nurses, and therapists working around the clock to help me get through this desperate time. My family and I are eternally grateful to everyone involved for the professionalism and comfort shown that surpasses all physical ailments. Thank you!"

Charlie Kauffman

Charlie Kauffman

Charlie is a 60-year-old male with a previous history of cervical surgery who had an outdoor fall, resulting in Central Cord Syndrome of C4 and C5. He was admitted to RHRW in January 2022 for an intensive inpatient rehabilitation program.

Upon admission, Charlie was dependent for bed mobility, standing, wheelchair mobility, feeding, bathing, and dressing. It took three therapists to assist Charlie to take his first steps. He progressed to a modified independent level for ambulation with a platform walker, as well as minimal assistance to complete up to 12 steps. He showed significant improvement in hand function and was able to complete most activities of daily living independently.

Due to his motivation, consistent positive attitude, and intensive inpatient therapy program, he was discharged home and will continue outpatient therapy services at RHRW.

Charlie said:

"When I first arrived at Reading Hospital Rehabilitation, I wasn't able to feel or move anything from the chest down. I was asked from the staff what my goal is, and I told them I wanted to walk out of here to go home. Between Molly PT, Ashlin OT, myself, and the whole staff, I worked hard to achieve my goal. I was able to do what I said and walked out of here. I am forever grateful to all the staff for going above and beyond to achieve my goal."