Trusted surgical expertise, close to home.

When you need a heart, chest or airway procedure, it’s comforting to know you’re in expert hands — we’re recognized among the nation’s top hospitals for heart surgery. The skilled cardiothoracic team at Tower Health has the expertise to perform advanced surgeries and the latest minimally invasive procedures. These less invasive methods result in less pain, a faster recovery, and provide an option for people who can’t have open surgery. That means you can get leading-edge care right here in southeastern Pennsylvania.

Advanced cardiothoracic expertise and comprehensive care.

Our heart, vascular, and thoracic experts work as a team to deliver complete care and personal attention. You can depend on a treatment plan that gives you the best possible results. We use minimally invasive or hybrid approaches — procedures that combine minimally invasive methods and open surgery — and robotic-assisted surgery whenever possible to let you get back to your life as soon as possible.

  • Heart surgery. Our heart surgeons perform a full range of advanced surgeries, including minimally invasive robotic-assisted surgery, hybrid procedures, and open-heart and off-pump (beating heart) surgery.
  • Interventional cardiology. This minimally invasive method uses tiny incisions and thin, flexible tubes (catheters) to treat a variety of heart and vascular conditions — from heart arrhythmias and blocked blood vessels to heart attacks.
  • Thoracic surgery. Our cardiothoracic surgeons treat a wide range of chest and airway conditions using traditional and minimally invasive procedures — including robotic-assisted, endoscopic, and video-assisted procedures.

Hybrid procedures offer a coordinated, less-invasive approach.

Hybrid procedures bring together cardiothoracic surgeons, heart specialists, and vascular surgeons to perform a single procedure that uses traditional and minimally invasive approaches. This team approach lets us perform a single procedure with less downtime than open surgery.