If you are ready to commit to bariatric surgery — and a whole new lifestyle — then it is time to take the first step and request a consultation with the weight-loss team at Tower Health. This consultation helps us confirm whether you are eligible for, and would benefit from, weight-loss surgery.

Next, if you are approved for bariatric surgery, you will begin a pre-operative readiness program that includes testing, counseling, and planning.

Getting Ready for Weight-loss Surgery

Although our pre-operative process can take several months, it is an important part of your weight-loss journey. It helps ensure you are healthy enough for surgery and are ready to make (and maintain) important lifestyle and behavioral changes.

These steps include:

  • Consultations. You will meet at least once a month with team members such as our program coordinator, a dietitian, and your surgeon. During these meetings, which may take place virtually or in-person, you will begin creating your personalized diet and exercise plans.
  • Education. Through one or more live or virtual seminars, you will learn the benefits and risks of bariatric surgery. You will also learn what to expect before, during, and after your procedure.
  • Insurance verification. We will work with you to make sure your health plan covers weight-loss surgery and related services.
  • Medical testing. You will need to have one or more tests to confirm whether you have certain medical conditions, to make sure you can safely have surgery, and to make sure you are psychologically ready to change your lifestyle. These may include blood and urine tests, imaging (radiology) procedures, a psychiatric evaluation, and tests to assess your heart and lung health.
  • Scheduling. Once you complete all the pre-operative requirements, we will schedule your procedure and review everything you need to know about the day of surgery.

Nutritional Counseling

After bariatric surgery, the types and amounts of foods you can eat changes drastically. Although the thought of completely changing your diet may feel overwhelming, our registered dietitians are here to help, before and after surgery. 

Together, you and your dietitian will create restricted-calorie meal plans that provide the nutrition you need while meeting your weight-loss goals. You also have one-on-one support if you need help learning to read food labels, finding new recipes, or preparing healthy meals on a budget.

After Bariatric Surgery — and Beyond

Your weight-loss journey does not end in the operating room; having bariatric surgery is just one step on a path that leads to a new, healthier you.

We will make sure you understand what to expect immediately after surgery, including how soon you can safely resume physical activity and begin eating solid foods. We are also here to help you set expectations about how much weight you can expect to lose and how quickly.

As you continue losing weight, you will have access to tools and resources designed to help you avoid setbacks and stay motivated.