Bringing Quality Care to You

Rest, comfort, and expert care help you heal. Our team provides seamless home health services personalized to your needs. Whether you’re managing a chronic illness or recovering from a hospital stay or surgery, you can recover safely — where you feel most comfortable.

Our team of nurses, physical, speech, and occupational therapists, medical social workers, and other healthcare professionals collaborate closely with your doctor to deliver exceptional care. If you are unsure about the services you may need, please contact us.

Why Choose Home Health?

When you or a loved one receives our home care services, you can count on the same trusted care we provide in the hospital. That means you can be confident you’re working with a highly trained team. Our dedicated doctors, nurses, therapists, home health aides, and other home care professionals are committed to your safety and well-being. We provide evidence-based, coordinated care to ensure you have the best possible outcome.

In-Home Health Services

Our compassionate team provides a range of in-home health care services, offering patients a seamless transition following inpatient discharge or ongoing management of chronic conditions.

  • Skilled nursing
  • High-tech infusion & IV therapy
  • Physical, occupational, and speech therapies
  • Social services
  • Home health aide

How To Get Home Health Services

To qualify for home health services, you must have a condition or disability that makes it difficult for you to leave your home or requires physical assistance. Your family doctor or specialist must also approve home health services. Check with your health insurance provider to learn more about your coverage.

Call us today to learn more: 866-777-4862.

Skilled Nursing Care

Nurses are at the heart of all we do. They offer expert care with compassion and support. Our nurses provide comprehensive assessments (physical, social, and environmental), case management, care plan development, personalized teaching and treatment programs, and discharge planning.

We offer specialized skilled nursing care in the privacy of your home, including telehealth services.

Skilled Management of Chronic Conditions
  • Congestive heart failure
  • Wound and pressure ulcer care
  • Advanced wound management, including vacuum-assisted closure (VAC)
  • Ostomy care
  • Urinary catheter management
  • Pain management
  • Medication education and management
  • Disease process education
High-Tech Infusion & IV Therapy

Intravenous (IV) Therapy provides comfort and healing to our patients with the opportunity to receive high-tech care in the privacy of their own home. Our skilled nurses provide infusions such as antibiotics, hydration, pain control, and some chemotherapies, among other treatments. We also teach patients and families to manage IVs on their own.

Physical, Occupational, and Speech-Language Therapy

Our therapists specialize in recovery. We develop a personalized treatment plan to help you feel like yourself again — with individual attention, guidance, and encouragement every step of the way. Our rehabilitation services include:

  • Physical therapy to restore or improve physical and functional abilities, whether caused by an injury or an illness. We assess the way you move about your environment and recommend changes to improve your safety.
  • Occupational therapy to help individuals achieve independence with everyday activities such as bathing, dressing, and grooming. OTs can help you to develop adaptive skills or use specialized equipment and can provide training and guidance to family members.
  • Speech-language therapy pathologists evaluate and treat speech and swallowing disorders. They also provide voice therapy, cognitive therapy, aural rehabilitation for the hearing impaired, as well as training in the use of alternative communication devices. Our therapists are trained in Vital Stimulation Therapy, an external neuromuscular electrical stimulation to the neck area provided in conjunction with functional swallowing exercises.

Medical Social Work Services

Our medical social workers offer expert guidance and support for social, emotional, or environmental concerns during treatment or recovery. They can find local resources to assist you, such as:

  • Counseling, including care-focused family counseling
  • Education and referrals for benefits and entitlements
  • Hospital discharge and long-term care planning
  • Placement and housing referral advocacy
How a Medical Social Worker Can Help

Our medical social workers are here for you and your family. They provide assistance with care-related details and can connect you with local organizations and services that offer support. You should consider meeting with a medical social worker if you:

  • Are struggling to adjust to physical, social, economic, or emotional circumstances
  • Have significant challenges and life stressors, such as limited or distant caregiving support
  • Need community resources and benefits
  • Need long-term, in-home care

Home Health Aide Services

When you need care for a chronic condition or critical illness, or you’re recovering from a major life event, supportive care offers assistance as you regain your health and well-being. Our home health aides can help with everyday tasks like bathing, dressing, and changing bed linens. They provide compassionate, respectful care to keep you comfortable.

In some instances, insurance or Medicare may cover supportive care. Talk with your doctor about your specific needs, and check with your insurance provider to learn about your coverage.