Liam Captivates All Those He Meets

Krystal describes Liam, her youngest child, as outgoing, sweet, and energetic. When you meet Liam, he captivates you with his platinum-blond hair, big blue eyes and giant smile. “Liam brings so much joy to our lives,” says Krystal.

Born with a Rare and Complex Condition 

Liam's life wasn't always this simple. He was born with crisscross heart, a rare, life-threatening congenital heart condition, which affects eight children in one million. Before birth, the heart develops into a twisted shape that reverses the left and right halves and their arteries. This reduces blood flow.

Before Liam was born, Krystal went to the regional Fetal Evaluation Center, where cardiac physicians diagnosed Liam with crisscross heart. Doctors at St. Christopher's Hospital followed Krystal's pregnancy until Liam was born. He was transported by the Critical Care Transport team for immediate care.

Surgeons Perform Multiple Surgeries to Fix Liam’s Heart

It took multiple surgeries to repair Liam’s heart. The pediatric heart surgery team at St. Christopher's worked to improve his heart — allowing it to function normally with three chambers instead of four. Krystal says the staff took great care of Liam during and after surgery. On days following the surgery, when Krystal couldn't be at the hospital, Krystal says the team continued to provide the care she knew her little boy needed. 

Joy and Love Follows Liam 

During Liam’s journey, Krystal says she felt the love and compassion of the care team. There were good days and not-so-good days. “They hugged me and cried with me,” says Krystal. “That meant a lot because they loved Liam just as much as we did. And that was important to us."