When your child has a serious or long-term illness, you want to do everything you can to help them get better. But sometimes, getting the care they need puts certain demands on the whole family.

We know it can be hard to juggle responsibilities when you have a sick child. You may have to miss work or find childcare for your other kids. You may not have health insurance or reliable transportation. On top of that, you feel worried about your child’s health.

If you face any of these challenges, help is within reach. Our social work team helps families identify and solve problems. We make sure your family gets the support it needs. We also help remove any barriers to your child’s medical care and recovery.

About Social Workers

Social workers are licensed professionals with master’s degrees in social work. They have a passion for helping children and families and have chosen to work in a medical setting. They also know how the healthcare system and the health insurance industry work.

You will find social workers in many areas of the hospital and our clinics. This includes the emergency room, inpatient units, and specialty clinics for kids with cancer or chronic conditions.

Our social workers are patient and family advocates. We make sure your child gets the care they need during their stay or visit. And, we make sure your family has the support it needs to get through this stressful time.

Social Work Services We Offer

Children and families often need help coping with the feelings — and life changes — that come with a medical diagnosis. Our social workers are here to help you adjust to these changes and any new challenges you now face. We can:

  • Connect you with St. Chris billing, insurance, or finance specialists. Our experts can help you understand your insurance or apply for financial assistance.
  • Help you and your child better understand their condition and the different medical services they will need. To do this, we may connect you with child life specialists, language interpreters, or other support services.
  • Listen to your concerns, answer your questions, or refer you to counselors who can help you manage stress or grief.
  • Refer you to organizations that specialize in social, legal, or financial support. This includes transportation or housing assistance, job placement services, behavioral health resources, or food assistance programs.
  • Help you plan for life after your child’s hospital stay or treatments. Together, we will figure out what challenges might get in the way of your child’s recovery. Then we will work to clear the path.