At Tower Health, our neurosurgery team works closely with neurologists, neuro-critical care, neuro-hospitalists, radiologists, oncologists, rehabilitation specialists, and other health care providers to develop the most complete and individualized treatment plans for you. Our specialists are focused on treating the most complex conditions, including Parkinson’s disease, neurovascular disease, spine disease, epilepsy, stroke, and cancer.

We offer advanced minimally invasive surgery, which means a much faster recovery, with less trauma to your body. You can get leading-edge care right here in Southeastern Pennsylvania. 

Brain Mapping and Neuronavigation Technology

When you need brain surgery, you want to ensure your surgeons have the most advanced tools to plan your surgery — before you even enter the operating room. At Tower Health, we use a computer-assisted process to map your brain and pinpoint what part of the brain we are treating. We then use computer-assisted technology during surgery. This allows us to perform procedures and avoid key areas that affect speech, movement, or senses. Brain mapping is used to treat:

Minimally Invasive Neurosurgery 

Whenever possible, our neurosurgeons use minimally invasive techniques over traditional, open surgery. The brain, neck, and nervous system are especially delicate and intricate systems within your body. The less healthy tissue our surgeons touch during surgery means you should have less pain, a faster recovery, and a shorter hospital stay. We provide minimally invasive surgery for:

  • Brain aneurysms
  • Brain and spine tumors 
  • Metastatic brain cancer
  • Traumatic injuries of the brain and spine
  • Spine conditions such as degenerative disc disease and scoliosis

Neuromodulation and Neurostimulation 

Using implantable devices, we delivery electrical stimulation or medicine to the nervous system to treat disorders and enhance your quality of life. Neuromodulation is often used in:

  • Depression
  • Movement disorders (deep brain stimulation)
  • Neuromuscular disease
  • Pain management (vagal nerve stimulation)
  • Seizures and epilepsy (deep brain stimulation)

Neuro-Oncology Services 

At Tower Health, we combine the expertise of our neurology, neurosurgery, and oncology teams to treat tumors of the brain and spine. This integrated approach means you get the most advanced care for even the most complex tumors. Most brain and spine tumors start with surgery. Our team uses image-guided and minimally-invasive techniques to ensure precision during the removal of your tumor. We may also use innovative radiation techniques such as stereotactic radiosurgery and fractionated radiotherapy to pinpoint and destroy your tumor. In very complex cases, open brain procedures may be the most effective technique, and our surgeons have decades of experience in traditional methods.