Opened in 2016, this facility for comprehensive surgical and patient care provides an unparalleled patient experience in one of the most technologically advanced healthcare centers in the region.

HealthPlex Features

  • Surgery
    • Hybrid Operating Suites – Six hybrid-capable operating suites integrate state-of-the-art imaging equipment into the operating room.
    • Operating Suites – Eighteen cutting-edge surgical suites provide unparalleled access to the latest technology and procedures for superior clinical outcomes.
Surgery Healthplex
  • Procedure Rooms – Patients who are having the following procedures are treated in the procedure rooms: endoscopy, pain management, stereotactic breast biopsy, and lithotripsy.
  • Trauma Center – Three additional trauma bays provide our growing community with immediate and specialized care for critically ill and injured patients.
  • Emergency Department
    • Expansion – Reading Health has one of the most active emergency departments in the country. The expansion increased the size of the Emergency Department by 17,500 square feet.
    • Patient Rooms – Sixteen new private patient rooms replace curtains, emphasizing dignity and patient safety. Each room is equipped with flat-screen TV’s, interactive GetWellNetwork access, and telephones to help families stay in touch.
    • Cardiac Decision Units (CDU) – Patients with potential heart issues are initially evaluated in the Emergency Department and transferred to the CDU, a dedicated area where patients with cardiac conditions receive assessment and specialized care.
    • Psychiatric Evaluation Center – The evaluation area provides 10 private rooms and additional space for consultation with specialists for patients who are experiencing a mental health or emotional crisis.
    • CT Scanner – The expanded department will house an ultramodern 64-slice CT scanner for advanced imaging for traumatic injuries, stroke, and other potentially life-threatening conditions.
  • Green Roof – The 88,000-square-foot Green Roof is the largest in Pennsylvania and third-largest in the U.S. on a healthcare building. In keeping with our focus on innovative ways to protect the planet, the roof saves energy by providing greater insulation, while offering a more therapeutic environment for patients.
  • Healing Garden – This area provides a place of relaxation and promote healing for patients, families, and staff.
  • Patient Floors – The tower features five patient floors with 30 private patient rooms on each floor designed for maximum comfort and healing.
  • Helipad – The top of the facility features a helipad for an effective means of transporting emergency patients.