The division focuses on hormone-related conditions such as:

  • Thyroid
  • Pituitary
  • Adrenal
  • Sexual
  • Calcium and phosphorus disorders
  • PCOS, osteoporosis, diabetes mellitus
  • Dyslipidemias and hypertension

Clinical Services

The Division of Endocrinology provides inpatient consultation services at the Reading Hospital and the Post-Acute Care Hospital, as well as outpatient clinics at the Tower Health Medical Group Diabetes Center, and at the A4 Clinic.

Tower Health Medical Group Diabetes Center provides the highest level of care to patients with diabetes mellitus. This is an American Diabetes Association recognized diabetes education center. The managing team includes endocrinologists, nurse practitioners specialized in diabetes care, certified diabetes educators, and nutritionists that work together to provide highly structured, patient-centered diabetes care.

Tower Health Medical Group Diabetes Center uses the newest diabetes technologies, including various insulin pumps and continuous glucose monitoring systems, implantable glucose sensor, smart insulin pens, etc. The Center provides a variety of teaching classes to patients with diabetes, including general diabetes classes, insulin pump and continuous glucose monitoring classes, supermarket tours, etc.

Thyroid ultrasound and FNA: Performed by experienced endocrinologists using a state-of-the-art ultrasound. Samples are examined at the Cytology lab, and if needed, referred for molecular testing.

General endocrinology focuses on an interdisciplinary approach. Our endocrinologists collaborate closely with related disciplines such as weight management (obesity and nutrition), neurosurgery (pituitary conditions), ENT (thyroid and parathyroid conditions), ophthalmology (thyroid disorders and diabetes mellitus), podiatry (diabetes mellitus), and reproductive endocrinology to provide the highest-quality medical care to our patients.